The paris housing loan, plus 0% of the city of paris

The Paris housing loan , called PPL is a zero-rated mortgage, offered by the City of Paris, granted by the signatories of the convention with the town hall. This aid can be combined with the zero-plus loan offered by the public authorities.

In 2010 and 2011, the City of Paris made the decision to increase by 50% the amount of the PPL 0% , in order to fight against the effects of the financial crisis that make even more inaccessible housing in Paris intramural.

The repayment term is 15 years. In case of plurality of loans of different durations to finance housing, it will be possible to smooth the paris housing loan.

Who is the PPL for?

The Paris Logement loan is granted under certain conditions to Parisian borrowers.

  • The acquisition must be used as principal residence within a maximum of one year after the purchase.
  • It must be located in Paris intramural.
  • The borrower must be able to justify a presence of at least one year in Paris, except for a category of people (see below)
  • He must be a first-time buyer, that is, not have owned his home in the past two years.
  • It does not exceed a certain ceiling of resources. You have to take into account the reference tax revenue. You can file the most favorable tax bill between year N-2 and year N-1 (if you became aware of it).

On the other hand, the Paris paris housing loan can finance an old property (with or without works) as well as a new property.

Persons exempted from the one-year residence requirement in Paris

  • Employees of the city of Paris
  • CASVP employees
  • Police who depend on the prefecture
  • Firefighters
  • Medical staff of the hospital public service.
  • Borrowers destined for housing at the residence of a physically handicapped person

Revenue cap for 2011

Revenue cap for 2011

Amount of paris housing loan

Amount of paris housing loan

The Paris housing loan is limited to € 24,200 for a borrower and € 39,600 for a household with several people.

Conditions to benefit from the Paris housing loan increase (PPL plus)

Since 2011, the PPL plus 50% is subject to a minimum loan condition. For this purpose, the signatory bank of the agreement will take into account real estate loans with a duration of more than 2 years (thus excluding bridge loans). The loan can therefore, in case of increase, to 36 300 € for a single person and 59 400 € for a household composed of several people.

Formulas for calculating the loan Paris lodgement plus.

  • For a single person: [(Total amount of loans> 2 years) – € 24,200] = or> 50% of the price of the accommodation
  • For several people: [(Total amount of loans> 2 years) – 39 600 €] = or> 50% of the price of the accommodation

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