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Many of us save money tediously putting down every USD. it has to be done long and persistently, and it may still turn out that after many years of heavy duty the value of money has dropped so much that the sum collected will not be too great.

So how do you protect your savings against ubiquitous inflation and enjoy your money to the full? It’s easy – set up a bank deposit!

Deposit is a solution for everyone

Deposit is a solution for everyone

A bank deposit is one of the most popular tools that help save millions of people. From the beginning you have to be aware that we will not earn large sums on it, but on the other hand, the interest that we gain by depositing money in the deposit is sufficient to cover the effects of inflation.

This particular type of customer agreement with the bank is an extremely beneficial solution, if we have a certain amount, we do not want to use it, but only postpone it for a rainy day or to study for children. Deposits are very safe, because the bank, by properly investing the money entrusted to it, provides the client with a certain profit after the term of the deposit.

Most popular deposits


And what are the types of deposits? The most popular and available to everyone is a traditional deposit, in other words standard or term. It has many forms – it can be monthly, quarterly, annual or even longer. Its interest rate is relatively high as it is approximately between 2% and 4% per annum. There are also other options in this deposit that you should consider taking into account.

First of all, what is the interest rate – fixed or variable. Anyway, this factor always interests customers the most, because it determines the profit we can get. Term deposits can also be renewable or not. When establishing a short-term deposit, it is often worth using this option so that after a month you do not stay with your money with a relatively low earned profit. It is better to use the renewable option and receive money for example after a year or even longer.

What other deposits can banks offer us?

What other deposits can banks offer us?

A special type of short-term deposit is a one-day or overnight deposit. Their operation is very similar – money works only for a few hours during the day. Although the name “one-day” indicates the freezing of funds for the whole day, in practice they are placed on the deposit in the afternoon so as to return to the customer’s account in the morning. It is a solution particularly often chosen by entrepreneurs and people who run their business in general. Everyone wants to avoid inflation, especially the person who trades with money on a daily basis.

Thanks to overnight deposits and overnight deposits, the money is in a way all the time – during the day the customer has them freely, makes transfers, pays bills, simply uses them, and after working hours the capital lands on the deposit, where it is actively invested by the bank. 

A 15-year mortgage with USD 100,000 Sat, 23 Nov 2019 13:21:22 +0000

We will check three mortgage offers for USD 100,000 with a repayment period of 15 years. It will be a mortgage at Bank Good Finance, a housing loan offered by Loan and Credit and a mortgage at Good Finance. A mortgage at Bank Good Finance is a liability that can be incurred for a repayment period of five to a maximum of 30 years.

There is no limit to the amount of credit available


The bank offers a nominal interest rate of 3.41% per annum and calculates a commission for granting a commitment of 1% of the borrowed amount. The APRC here is 3.61% per annum. A borrower who decides to take out a mortgage loan at Bank Good Finance for the amount of USD 100,000 with a repayment period of 15 years will pay the bank monthly installments of USD 710 each.

The loan will cost him a total of USD 28,885. In total, it will be the sum of interest repaid by the borrower. The 3M WIBOR rate here is 1.72%. The minimum own contribution must, however, constitute 20% of the loan amount, on the website you will find not only deposits but also offers of other financial products.

Housing loan in Loan and Credit

Housing loan in Loan and Credit

A housing loan at Loan and Credit is a loan with a repayment period of up to a maximum of thirty years. The interest rate offered by the bank is 3.42% per annum. A commission of 1.15% of the loan amount should be added to the costs associated with the activation of the loan. APRC for such a commitment will be 3.65% per annum. The borrower will pay installments of USD 711 each to the bank.

The loan will cost him in total USD 29,123, of which interest will amount to USD 27,973. The 3M WIBOR rate is 1.72%. The borrower must make an own contribution of 10% of the loan amount. One of the conditions of using the offer is to take out a life insurance policy. It amounts to 0.30% of the loan amount.

Good Finance mortgage

Good Finance mortgage

A mortgage at Good Finance is a liability with a repayment period of one to a maximum of thirty years. The interest rate offered by the bank is 3.61% per annum. The bank does not charge anything for commissioning us. The APRC here is 3.67% per annum.

Each of the monthly installments will be 720 USD each. The total cost will be USD 29,654, of which the total amount of interest paid will constitute the entire cost. The 3M WIBOR rate is 1.72%. The bank does not require the borrower to make a minimum own contribution. There is no need to insure credit or low contribution insurance.

Opposition to a loan order – when can it be written? Wed, 06 Nov 2019 12:51:02 +0000 Failure to pay the loan, whether committed or not, will sooner or later lead to the creditor taking stronger action. If attempts to enforce payment have already reached the stage of field debt recovery, it should be expected that the payment order may soon reach us, which for many will be the first signal informing about the seriousness of the consequences of non-repayment. What to do if you get one and whether opposing the order for payment can have real effects? An assessment at

What is the legal force of a loan order?

Ineffective debt enforcement usually goes to the e-Court, which largely deals with debt cases, including those arising in the private field. However, the e-Court only conducts writ of remuneration, and additionally deals with a huge number of cases every day.

Therefore, he deals only with simple and low-complex cases in which there is no need for detailed consideration of evidence. When setting up a case in an e-Court, the creditor must briefly describe the case and exchange evidence in its favor (e.g. loan agreement, request for payment), but does not have to attach it to the case.

Therefore, the e-Court will not always have a real view of the situation, which is not surprising given that it has arguments of only one party to the dispute. Therefore, usually such a case ends badly for the debtor, which is why the law provides for the possibility of the debtor to respond to the order by means of an objection, in which he will present and argue his position in this case. Opposition will lead to regular court hearing.

How do you write an objection to a payment order?

money cash

The effectiveness of an objection depends not only on the validity of the reasons, but also on the formal side of the letter. Therefore, it will be necessary to acquire basic knowledge about how the letter should look, when to submit it and how to argue your attitude. Of course, the opposition should also have a proper formal side. In this case, it is good to use the ready form, which is available in the Ministry of Justice’s public information bulletin.

The debtor has time for this within 14 days of receiving the order for payment and should do so in the form of a letter (preferably by registered mail with acknowledgment of receipt) in two copies – for the court and for the creditor. Filing an objection is not paid, and the debtor will only have to bear the shipping costs.

For the court, because it is he who examines the objections, the most important thing will, of course, be the appropriate justification of the objection, provided that the requirement to submit the objection within a reasonable time has been respected.

How effective is the opposition?

money cash

Opposition will cancel the order for payment and direct him to the procedure in the general court. The debtor will be able to present his situation there and list the reasons why he has not repaid the loan. Moreover, in general court proceedings, the creditor must already refer to specific evidence and present in a material form those which he mentioned in his application to the e-Court. If he fails to do so within seven days, the court may discontinue the proceedings until he has collected all the required documents.

Opposition will be considered valid only in cases where the debt was not caused by the alleged fault, mentioned in the documents of the borrower, or the amount of this debt was calculated incorrectly and even illegally. Therefore, it can be submitted by any borrower who does not agree with the costs charged, e.g. for debt collection or other excessive penalties.

Chance of successful opposition will also have those whose debt has already expired. Unfortunately, some not very honest debt collection companies take advantage of ignorance of the law of average citizens and demand repayment of debt that is not yet repayable. Of course, the law does not prohibit the voluntary repayment of time-barred debt, so debt collectors often try to rely on the fact that the debtor does not have adequate knowledge and will pay with fear, although he does not have to. For this reason, it is good to know your rights – read about the limitation period in the article “Limitation of payday loans – what do you need to know?”

Unfortunately, most debts are most often the fault of borrowers or unforeseen fortuitous events that prevented repayment. Even if the debtor finds himself in such a situation due to faultless adversity, the court will not accept the opposition to the payment order if the debt is perfectly legitimate from the creditor’s point of view. However, raising an objection will help you get the time it takes to prepare for repayment and accumulate at least some of the cash required. Expectations for a trial in the general court are at least a few months, so the debtor gains a postponement during the court hearing and bailiff’s execution.

Real estate loan: definition and condition Fri, 17 May 2019 10:26:15 +0000


The best definition of the bridge loan is to equate it with a cash advance granted by the bank on the future sale of housing.

It therefore applies to owners of real estate (primary, secondary or rental residence) to enable them to acquire a new residence without waiting for the sale of the old one to be effective.

This advance is often granted for a maximum of two years.

Loan condition

There are different ways to calculate the amount of the bridge loan depending on the bank you are talking to, but the basic principle remains the same.
The bridge loan will contribute up to the advance granted by the bank, in addition to the principal repayable loan and various complementary loans such as the PTZ plus.

Condition of interest payment

The principle of repayment is identical to that of a loan in fine, that is to say that you repay only the interest, until the actual sale of the home.

The case of the total franchise

Some banks grant a total deductible interest. So you have nothing to pay until the sale is effective.

Conditions of acceptance

In addition to not exceeding the maximum debt ratio, the bank will require that you provide evidence that the housing is actually put on sale. For this, you will have to produce the signed sales mandates with real estate agencies.

Calculation of the loan amount


There are several formulas for determining the amount of the bridge loan, each bank having its own rules of calculation. The objective is to limit the amount granted in the event of a reversal of the real estate market.

This elementary prudence rule thus protects the borrower from disappointment in the event of a sale below the expected price.

To determine the amount of the advance, the bank applies a percentage, usually limited to 70%:

  • Either the balance returned to the borrower (after payment of the outstanding capital)
  • That is the value of the good.

Depending on the technique used, the result will not be the same.

Let’s take a simple example of a dwelling whose sale price is fixed at 250 000 €, for which the outstanding capital of the mortgage loan amounts to 100 000 €. We will apply for each of the formulas a limit rate of 70%.

Application of the rate on the balance to the borrower.

Application of the rate on the balance to the borrower.

The first formula of calculation is to apply directly the maximum rate granted by the bank on the amount which will return in the end to the borrower.

  • Formula : [Selling price of the dwelling] – [outstanding capital] * 70%
  • Result obtained : [250 000 €] – [100 000 €] * 70% = 105 000 €

Application of the maximum rate on the price of housing:

Formula : [(Value of housing * 70%)] – [Remaining capital]
Result obtained : [250 000 € * 70%] – [100 000 €] = 75 000 €

The first method of calculating relay loan is more generous than the second. However, if you are in the process of concluding the negotiation of the property and you have signed a sales agreement, the bank will be able to rely on the actual selling price, provided that the conditions of the sale are certain, that is, to say :

  • On the one hand, the compromise withdrawal period has expired
  • On the other hand, that your buyer has obtained his loan.

The term of the loan relay

The term of the loan relay

The term comes either when the sale is made, or after two years if you have not sold.

What if the property is not sold?

What if the property is not sold?

If you do not find a buyer after two years, you will have to try to negotiate an extension of the term with your bank. The renewal period is of the order of 6 months, usually up to one year. At the end of this new period, if the property is still not sold, it will probably be necessary to provide a more radical solution that could be:

  • The sale of new housing acquired
  • The application of a sharp decline in the property for sale in order to accelerate the sale

Conversion of the bridge loan into a repayable loan

The paris housing loan, plus 0% of the city of paris Sat, 20 Apr 2019 10:33:28 +0000

The Paris housing loan , called PPL is a zero-rated mortgage, offered by the City of Paris, granted by the signatories of the convention with the town hall. This aid can be combined with the zero-plus loan offered by the public authorities.

In 2010 and 2011, the City of Paris made the decision to increase by 50% the amount of the PPL 0% , in order to fight against the effects of the financial crisis that make even more inaccessible housing in Paris intramural.

The repayment term is 15 years. In case of plurality of loans of different durations to finance housing, it will be possible to smooth the paris housing loan.

Who is the PPL for?

The Paris Logement loan is granted under certain conditions to Parisian borrowers.

  • The acquisition must be used as principal residence within a maximum of one year after the purchase.
  • It must be located in Paris intramural.
  • The borrower must be able to justify a presence of at least one year in Paris, except for a category of people (see below)
  • He must be a first-time buyer, that is, not have owned his home in the past two years.
  • It does not exceed a certain ceiling of resources. You have to take into account the reference tax revenue. You can file the most favorable tax bill between year N-2 and year N-1 (if you became aware of it).

On the other hand, the Paris paris housing loan can finance an old property (with or without works) as well as a new property.

Persons exempted from the one-year residence requirement in Paris

  • Employees of the city of Paris
  • CASVP employees
  • Police who depend on the prefecture
  • Firefighters
  • Medical staff of the hospital public service.
  • Borrowers destined for housing at the residence of a physically handicapped person

Revenue cap for 2011

Revenue cap for 2011

Amount of paris housing loan

Amount of paris housing loan

The Paris housing loan is limited to € 24,200 for a borrower and € 39,600 for a household with several people.

Conditions to benefit from the Paris housing loan increase (PPL plus)

Since 2011, the PPL plus 50% is subject to a minimum loan condition. For this purpose, the signatory bank of the agreement will take into account real estate loans with a duration of more than 2 years (thus excluding bridge loans). The loan can therefore, in case of increase, to 36 300 € for a single person and 59 400 € for a household composed of several people.

Formulas for calculating the loan Paris lodgement plus.

  • For a single person: [(Total amount of loans> 2 years) – € 24,200] = or> 50% of the price of the accommodation
  • For several people: [(Total amount of loans> 2 years) – 39 600 €] = or> 50% of the price of the accommodation
Are You Trapped in a Virtual Debt? Wed, 03 Apr 2019 15:26:33 +0000

Have you ever been in a situation where you are saving something to buy, but do you decide to buy it using a loan / EMI route? see for further notes

If NO, hopefully you expect the right approach to your financial life.

If the answer is YES, you are a virtual debt. And you’re not alone.

What is Virtual Debt?

What is Virtual Debt?

It’s in a state where you have a debt that you can take care of for your savings, but you decide not.

In other words, you are in debt while your net financial situation shows otherwise. This is different from the case where you take a loan / EMI because you have a lack of money.

The reason for the virtual debt can be a lot – “promise” of income that is higher than the interest you pay, discomfort if you see that your savings fall below a certain level, the tax benefits that you can get, or the usual laziness, you find it too difficult to estimate the EMI pros and cons.

This debt can usually be avoided. However, you have to think for yourself if the virtual debt is good for you or not.

Examples of Virtual Debt

Examples of Virtual Debt

  • Taking a personal loan for a foreign vacation (say a 200,000/3000 euro loan @ 12% per annum) and we hope that the same amount in your investment funds will be provided by the “Guaranteed” 15/20/25% annual returns. (May or may not happen!) – Improving a loan for repairing your house, but it does not concern your equivalent savings, because it is a fund of unforeseen costs and you must have access to it at any time. (although it is good to have an emergency fund, you decide that it is wise to take a loan – maybe or not!) – buying the latest iPhone from EMI because – hey, it’s available in simple EMIs ! (Huh!) – your credit card invoice by default because you do not have enough on your savings account and you do not want to cancel your specific deposits!
    (You may also be interested in the worst debts and loans you should avoid).

What are the benefits of virtual debt?

What are the benefits of virtual debt?

Although debt is usually avoidable, there are cases where it is useful to find debt. (Everyone own!) . Here are some possible benefits in these cases.
– You can keep your contingency fund intact, which can be useful in an unforeseen emergency. In some cases, your available interest rate is lower than your return on investment (unlikely but possible. “Guaranteed” 15 or 20 or 25% “promised” returning from stock markets in this) – in some cases, it may give you tax benefits – eg home loan / student loan

What are the disadvantages of virtual debt?

What are the disadvantages of virtual debt?

  • You pay more than you pay for the interest you pay .- More often, debt is something that can be avoided – eg. rebuilding a car, buying a high-end smartphone or some other gadget, a luxury holiday, etc. Debt collection may soon become a habit. And before you realize you have a permanent EMI trap (until you take the effort to break this EMI habit, and this habit is not easy to break)
    (You may also be interested – Prerequisites for Investment and Financial Management)


Usually you must avoid virtual debt, but in some cases it may be useful. So, do your math and judge yourself if such debt gives you something good.

Have you taken out a debt if you could have avoided it? Maybe you need to think about whether it is worth wearing a virtual debt…

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How is the Loan Repaid Without Proof? Wed, 03 Apr 2019 02:50:51 +0000 Recently, loans have been gaining in popularity, which require minimum formalities when concluding a contract. Indeed, it has become quite a serious competition for traditional banks, which before they issue any cash payment to the customer, first thoroughly screening the creditworthiness of the client. Such a procedure was introduced as a result of changes in regulations by the Polish Financial Supervision Authority.

The advantages of fast cash

The advantages of fast cash

People who need a quick cash injection usually spend borrowed money on consumption. Expenses related to holidays, holidays, family celebrations often go beyond average financial possibilities. But let’s not forget that we also eagerly reach for such loans in the event of unexpected expenses, when the car breaks down or we have to renovate our flat. A small percentage of borrowers use loans to pay off their previous debts.

Certainly people who do not have regular income due to work, or have some unpaid payments, do not have to count on a loan in bank branches. Therefore, the only solution becomes non-bank institutions. Most of them are not really interested in the client’s history, as well as its income. In return, they offer loans without certificates for small amounts, with a short payment period. Most often, for the first time, you can borrow about 1000 PLN for a period of up to 30 days.

Many non-bank institutions wanting to attract the client, offer the first loan for free. The promotion is that the customer gives back exactly as much as he borrowed. This is a great offer for people who use such products for the first time, and who do not have too many opportunities to pay accrued interest.

Are you sure that all non-banking institutions issue a loan without certification?

Are you sure that all non-banking institutions issue a loan without certification?

You can find out about this by browsing all the offers of payday loans, i.e. quick loans. Some of the companies are more cautious and the scanned ID card may not be enough for them. Therefore, what else can they pay attention to when considering the application from the client? For sure whether they are no longer insolvent debtors. A special register of debtors is used for this purpose. If the customer is on it, then it is a warning sign for the company that the person is not necessarily willing to pay his or her debts. Another security is asking the potential borrower for bank statements from the last few months. Thanks to this, the parabank is aware of the fact that the client has a source of income, and thus the conditions to pay off the payday.

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Helpful Advice You Should Read About Debt Consolidation Tue, 12 Feb 2019 16:27:00 +0000 Debt has the power to paralyze your daily life. You can feel like you can not turn anywhere, which frustrates you. Thankfully, there are quite a few things that can help you, such as debt consolidation. This article will teach you about it, so read on.

Get a copy of your credit report before heading off to debt consolidation. The first step to gaining financial freedom is to know what your debts are. Therefore, determine their debts and the creditors that you owe. It is impossible to succeed if you do not have this knowledge.

Do not choose debt consolidation just because you say you are “charitable.” Contrary to what you might think, “non-profit” is not always the same size. The best way to find out if a business is worth your business is to check with the Better Business Bureau.

Debt consolidation agency

Debt consolidation agency

Talk to the creditors if you use a credit counselor or a debt consolidation agency. You can choose to work directly with you and save money. Your creditors will see it as a good sign that you are trying to improve their financial situation. Knowing that you work hard to solve your problems can make a big difference.

Never borrow money from professionals you do not know. A leash will use you. If you want to take advantage of a consolidation loan, look for lenders with a good reputation and offer fair interest rates.

After drawing up a good debt consolidation plan, consider how you got into your situation. Then you are less likely to turn around and do it again. Try to develop new strategies for managing your finances so that this does not happen again.

Take out loans for outstanding debt and call your creditors to negotiate some sort of settlement. You would be surprised if you knew that a creditor would often accept around 70 percent if you offered a lump sum. Your ratings will not go down. In fact, it could even go up.

Debt consolidation company

scams debt consolidation company

Try to avoid scams at all costs when choosing a debt consolidation program. If someone offers a deal too well to be true, they will not trust you. Get all your questions before deciding on a debt consolidation company.

When dealing with debt consolidation, you need to carefully identify which debt you need to consolidate. It makes no sense to switch the balance sheets of a charge card that calculates no interest rate for one who has a high interest rate. Go through each of your loans to make sure you are doing the right thing.

Inquire about the fees you need to pay to your debt consolidation agency. They should provide you with a detailed fee structure for their services. These professionals can not collect anything until you actually provide a service. You should not agree to pay any set fees to open an account with you.

If you are talking to a debt consolidation company, inquire about your fees. Each fee should have a statement attached and it should be written down in the contract. Also ask how your payment will be shared among its creditors. You should get a payment plan from the consolidation company.

If you are trying to fix your debts permanently, debt consolidation can be an option for you. The important thing is to learn about this process and how it can be the tool to free itself from debt. This article offers many tips and it is time to put them into practice.

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