Bank deposit as a way of saving

Many of us save money tediously putting down every USD. it has to be done long and persistently, and it may still turn out that after many years of heavy duty the value of money has dropped so much that the sum collected will not be too great.

So how do you protect your savings against ubiquitous inflation and enjoy your money to the full? It’s easy – set up a bank deposit!

Deposit is a solution for everyone

Deposit is a solution for everyone

A bank deposit is one of the most popular tools that help save millions of people. From the beginning you have to be aware that we will not earn large sums on it, but on the other hand, the interest that we gain by depositing money in the deposit is sufficient to cover the effects of inflation.

This particular type of customer agreement with the bank is an extremely beneficial solution, if we have a certain amount, we do not want to use it, but only postpone it for a rainy day or to study for children. Deposits are very safe, because the bank, by properly investing the money entrusted to it, provides the client with a certain profit after the term of the deposit.

Most popular deposits


And what are the types of deposits? The most popular and available to everyone is a traditional deposit, in other words standard or term. It has many forms – it can be monthly, quarterly, annual or even longer. Its interest rate is relatively high as it is approximately between 2% and 4% per annum. There are also other options in this deposit that you should consider taking into account.

First of all, what is the interest rate – fixed or variable. Anyway, this factor always interests customers the most, because it determines the profit we can get. Term deposits can also be renewable or not. When establishing a short-term deposit, it is often worth using this option so that after a month you do not stay with your money with a relatively low earned profit. It is better to use the renewable option and receive money for example after a year or even longer.

What other deposits can banks offer us?

What other deposits can banks offer us?

A special type of short-term deposit is a one-day or overnight deposit. Their operation is very similar – money works only for a few hours during the day. Although the name “one-day” indicates the freezing of funds for the whole day, in practice they are placed on the deposit in the afternoon so as to return to the customer’s account in the morning. It is a solution particularly often chosen by entrepreneurs and people who run their business in general. Everyone wants to avoid inflation, especially the person who trades with money on a daily basis.

Thanks to overnight deposits and overnight deposits, the money is in a way all the time – during the day the customer has them freely, makes transfers, pays bills, simply uses them, and after working hours the capital lands on the deposit, where it is actively invested by the bank. 

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